Checked Tommy out of school and took him to the mall for a haircut. Never a fun task. Picked up Sarah and Noah and we all went to STAR for Tommy’s horse therapy. Noah complained the entire time. Sarah snapped at Noah. Amy was completely overtired and wild.

From there we went to Wal-Mart where they still had no IBC black cherry. I am seriously unhappy that they seem to not carry it anymore. Hurried home and left the children with my parents while I took Noah to scouts. Noah seemed to have a blast at scouts. I had a less than fun time listening to the three moms there (the event was segregated with Moms at one table and Dads at another) discuss their plans for Spring Break. Two were going to Hilton Head and the other was going to Disney. I wished that I could have my husband in the same time zone as me during spring break. Doubled my Tylenol PM and now I’m going to stare at the tv with no volume since Amy is in my bedroom where she should be.

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