I hate me. I just pulled a load out of the dryer with all of my jeans, all of Tommy’s jeans, Amy’s only jeans (overalls) and Noah’s jeans. One of the children had stuffed crayons in their pockets and the crayons are melted so well into the jeans that there’s nothing to scrape. The jeans look like greasy, multi-colored paint rags. I have nothing to wear and neither does Tommy. I’m supposed to do a cookie booth in 3 hours and I haven’t even bathed. Even if I was able to take all four children to the mall and cram everyone in a dressing room I don’t have the money to buy new jeans. I don’t even have time to go shopping. People file insurance for less expensive losses than this. I am just going to have to do a no-show on the cookie booth. Just as well since I would have spent all my time wrestling Amy and listening to Noah complain and that would have scared everyone away from the booth anyway. I am so angry and upset that I just can’t even function right now.

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  1. I’m crying for you!! I have had days like that lately. I wish we could be right there to help you. I have no solution for getting crayon out.

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