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  1. This from the Tide.com website also.

    Rachel from Winnipeg uses Tide & Oxy Clean

    I was washing my kids winter outerwear and when I had taken the clothes out of the laundry, there was crayon everywhere! So in a desperate attempt I used goo-gone to clean the inside of my dryer (it was work but it got the juob done). I then washed out the dryer with soap and water and left it open to dry out over night. As far as the kids outerwear I rewashed the clothes in Tide and Oxy Clean on a hot water cycle. It worked beatuifully

  2. Washed in hot water?

    Just curious….I’m sorry you having such a crappy day…but Doug will be home soon.

  3. We also have a container of goo in the garage. Don’t discard the clothes and don’t let the dry! I will get the stains out this evening.

  4. Yes. I tried hot water. They are still sitting wet in the washer after three tries to make improvement.

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