I’m getting a little tired of cookies and cookie booths. I look forward to this being over so I can move on to other things in my life. Monday night is the first meeting of our new support group and I have done absolutely nothing to prepare for it. I’ll obsess over that tomorrow. On the brighter side, Doug made a color-coded, fancy-shmancy spreadsheet so that I can keep up with cookies. Thank you Doug! Life is sooooooo much better when he is around. I’m an incompetent boob who can’t even handle laundry without creating a disaster.

Noah’s furniture has all been moved around after Amy used the former arrangement as a ladder to climb to the top of a dresser. Hopefully this will be a safer arrangement. Doug hung Noah’s giant kite from the ceiling and the room looks really cute now.

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  1. dont be negative cathy – a small laundry mishap that wasn’t even your fault hardly qualifies you as a boob – you are successfully raising 4 happy (mostly) kids and a husband while struggling on a small budget and through other difficulties.
    Personally I would say you are one well adjusted and damn creative woman who manages to juggle more stuff than the juggler himself!

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