Alice is having her letter to the local newspaper published in response to a recent tragedy. During the incident, I heard people talking about it everywhere I went. It bothered me for many reasons. First, it was very odd behavior for this particular teen and I wonder if they did a tox screen on him. If he wasn’t affected by chemicals, he was certainly not in his right mind. Second, this teen didn’t WANT to die or the stand-off wouldn’t have lasted so long. He was terrified and trapped like a rabbit in a trap chewing off their own foot. Third, the police officer’s baby will never know her own father. Her first year of life will be spent with someone in mourning. What kind of effect will that have on her? Last, and most importantly, I heard a Knoxville judge and police officer commenting to each other that the ending was “probably for the best”. I am sorry but I couldn’t disagree more. This teen made a mistake. A terrible mistake that he would have had to pay for but still a mistake that I believe was brought on by some sort of imbalance. This could have been anybody’s child. This isn’t anyone’s fault. It was a horrible senseless tragedy that makes me wonder what warning signs were missed even though I know there may have been no red flags indicating trouble. The officer was a son, husband and father. No good came from this. There is no satisfaction or resolution in the ending, only sadness.

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  3. The trackbacks are probably best used when you have already posted something, then on someone else’s site you find related information and want to tie the two together. When composing a message and wanting to draw attention to someone’s post you would probably just link to their perma link within the post. However, someone on Alice’s site would not know about your post so you could add a trackback to her post. If you entered your perma link in Haloscan’s manage trackbacks, and Alice’s trackback reference, then the title and blurb your wrote in Haloscan would appear on Alice’s site and give people the ability to click directly to your article.

  4. Your link in this post should be a reference tot he perma-link on Alice’s site. If you also wanted to do a trackback, you would log into Haloscan, then click “manage trackbacks” You would need the perma link to your post and the trackback reference url to her post (or vice versa depending on whose trackback you wanted the information to show). I find it easiest to have 3 windows open: 1) alice’s 2) yours and 3) haloscan. The rest should be self explanatory.

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