Sorry Doug, but “I can’t remember if I slept with her” just doesn’t sound right.

Amy woke up at 3 in the morning and didn’t get back to sleep until 4. I think the storms were bothering her. I love to sleep during storms. The noise is very sleep and dream inducing.

This morning the children were all moving in slow motion. I think I said “hurry” about a hundred times. I napped on the couch after they all left until Amy was ready to start her day. Now a quick blog then back to the laundry. I am not looking forward to driving 40 minutes out to STAR and then sitting in the car for an hour with the three little ones while Tommy has his horse lesson. Plus I am afraid that they are going to say he is just too overweight to continue there. Tomorrow I have a cookie booth that all 4 children will have to do with me and I know from last weekend how poorly that will work. At least Doug comes home tomorrow night.

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  1. oooh a cat fight – im putting odds on doug 10-1 he wins the argument – any takers? (rubbing hands gleefully)

    i actually just wanted to say that i love to go to sleep during a storm also, but my kids are paranoid and frightened of them – what is the deal there – i loved them as a kid!

  2. Then let me add some of the rest of the words. “We may have hung each other from the ceiling for all I remember from those days.”

  3. What I haven’t told Tommy is that weight is only one of the factors. It is weight +height+control. Tommy scores well on height and control. If he was wild on the horse and they feared him falling off and hurting one of the walkers then they would use his weight as a reason to remove him from the program.

    We still can’t let him get much bigger. If we don’t curb this somehow by the time he is 16 his weight will affect everything from health to the number of movie tickets he has to buy.

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