The booth actually sold quite well. Amy was on excellent behavior and Sarah didn’t complain much about her feet hurting. The problem was Noah.

The booth was inside the mall, just outside of a major department store and two stores down from a toy store. I let Noah go look in the store and wasn’t surprised when he came back to the boothe twice asking me to buy him a toy. After the second no, he returned again to the store and I didn’t mak notice of the fact that he returned a few minutes later and hid behind our booth until Sarah said “Noah’s got something.” I quickly realized that he had the exact toy he’d asked for in his hand and upon questioning he turned blank-faced and said “I just borrowed it.” I was about to explode when a customer showed up and I hissed at Noah to take it back immediately. He ran to the store, slipped it back to the display and returned to the booth looking guilty. Doug explained that I should have made a big deal out of having Noah hand it back to the store employees and he’s right. It just was too chaotic and I was too stunned that Noah would steal.

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