I’m having a moment of anger right now and trying to tell myself that it’s all small stuff not worth getting upset about. I just went out front to check on the mess and found that Sarah had taken outside a brand new case of little gatorades which needed to last two weeks. Those were for the kids to drink at soccer practices and games and at our weekly trip out to STAR for Tommy’s horse lessons. Each child must have drank 3 of those things. I know it’s just a little drink but they know they weren’t supposed to be handing those out to everyone. As much as I would like to, I can’t provide snacks for the whole neighborhood.

Irritation number two is that Noah accidently bumped the ankle of the five-year-old next door with his bike. She ran crying to her mother and the mother screamed at Noah to stay away from her child and then told Sarah that her child isn’t allowed to play with any of my children. “Mariah can’t play you any more.” So, Sarah and Noah both came in crying. Noah felt terrible that he hurt her and his apology was met with a stay away from Mariah and Sarah because she thought they were having fun and didn’t understand why she should be punished for something Noah did.

Finally, Tommy has gotten on his scooter a dozen times today even though I keep telling him it is broken and that he is causing damage. I am very sorry that all the kids are out riding and after 3 months we still haven’t repaired his scooter, but he was still disobeying me.

I will feel better after a good night’s sleep.

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  1. He is causing damage to the scooter but more importantly he is risking his life.

    If that brake rubs through the tire and he has a blowout at 10-20 miles per hour you will be enjoying a much more complicated visit to the ER than Sarah’s toe.

    Tell Tommy if he can’t obey and stay off the scooter then he isn’t mature enough to have it. You can also remove the spark plug and it won’t go anywhere. Call me if you need to be walked through that.

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