It looks like Tommy is going to continue his downward spiral today. I did finally figure out that he is trying to push Noah’s friends away so that he can have Noah all to himself. Sarah sat in my bed watching TV until 1 a.m. and is making up for it by sleeping all day today. I can’t blame her. I’d rather lie in bed than put up with Tommy’s constant complaining. Amy finds the pack of 7-year-old boys fascinating. Lucky for us, one of them has a 2-year-old sister and the other “mothers” Amy, so she is welcomed in their play areas.

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  1. Keep Tommy and Noah separated. As his therapist suggests, Tommy should not be playing with the younger children anyway. If Tommy is going to try to damage Noah’s relationship with the other children then for awhile Tommy will have to have scheduled time with his siblings. Not necessarily fair to Noah but something I think is necessary for now.

    I want to get Tommy interested in HAM radio. With Ham he could talk to people all around the world for days on end. I think it would give him a safe outlet, an education experience, a job skill, a time filler, an escape, and “friends.” See http://www.remote.arrl.org/ for references.

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