Tried to lie on the couch but Amy screamed and dumped the DVDs. I made her some lunch that she promptly fed to the dog. Cleaned he up and put her down for a nap. When I came out of the bedroom, Tommy was stretched out on the couch so I decided to take a bath. While in the bath two phone calls tried to come through and Tommy snored through both of them even though I called him repeatedly from the bath. “Tommy! Pick up the phone!” A few minutes later my parents and the middle two children came in the house making all kinds of noise. I tried to hurry and rinse my hair but my parents left before I got out of the bath. I came out and surveyed what the house looks like if I don’t constantly run around cleaning it. Tommy got up and started his afternoon griping. I’m going to dry my hair and then go back to cleaning. If I stop cleaning for even an hour everything turns into a disaster. I’m not allowed any rest, time to myself or calm.

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  1. Could you edit that last comment so that it doesn’t sound like I’m talking to myself? 🙂

  2. I don’t dare ask for time away. Last time I did you started to send me to your parents’ house for a weekend.

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