Stayed up late last night and then I couldn’t sleep while Doug was comatose so I over did the Tylenol PM. He has been going to bed at 8:30 every night. He used to stay up until 10 and we’d meet each other in bed for TV and talk.

The caller ID just showed that it’s Tommy’s school. These phone calls make me tense all over. Apparently Tommy is wandering the building acting silly and refusing to listen. This translates to Tommy doesn’t want to sit down and work so he’s going to manipulate us. Tommy wins because they want us to come get him. This makes me really angry because now he’ll repeat this behavior to get the reward of going home. The school is supposed to keep him there and teach him, not flap their hands and give up when he doesn’t conform to their schedule. Time to demand an IEP and start fighting again.

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  1. I am putting effort into making his day unpleasant as to counter the desire to repeat this behavior tomorrow.

    He has already said several times “I wish I were at school”

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