The cleaning was making me weary and I wanted to see Doug before he fell asleep so I headed to bed just after 10 p.m. When I got there he was caught up in an action flick and befire it ended he fell asleep. He got annoyed by Amy’s crying and clicked the TV off in the middle of a show I was watching. “THIS is what is waking her up.” Oh, well. He’ll stay up for Kingdom Hospital tonight.

Amy woke up crying a dozen times last night. If she wasn’t such a wiggler I would have put her in our bed so I wouldn’t have to keep getting up, giving her a hug and a new bop and tucking her back in bed. This morning she woke up before 7 and at 7:30 I gave up and brought her upstairs. Boy do I need a nap.

Sarah has therapy today and Noah has soccer practice but practice might get rained out.

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