I spent the day getting frustrated about the zoo project. All my cookie paperwork is done and turned in. Yay! Now Doug and Sarah are butting heads because she is the world’s pickiest eater and Doug is upset that she refuses to take a bite of anything other than her 10 acceptable foods. This particular duel is over a teeny-tiny slice of banana. Doug is angry and Sarah is sobbing. Nobody will win this one.

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  1. Chicken nuggets (chicken on the bone unacceptable)
    Eggs (only scrambled)
    Green beans
    Macaroni and Cheese (this is all she needs)
    Cheese pizza
    Peanut Butter (no jelly)
    Corn on the cob (but not off the cob)
    — bonus! We exceeded 10! —
    French fries
    Baked Potato (butter only)
    Ice Cream (vanilla and must be mashed)
    Sesame Chicken
    White Rice
    Very selective on the junk food even.

    if any 2 foods touch each other its over.

  2. Please list the 10 foods … white bread, spaghetti, peanut butter, cheese, white sugar (is that a food?) … am I close?

  3. we have arguments also at dinner time – they sit there and eat cold veges and we eat desert in front of them and they miss out
    they are starting to get the point

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