I went to a Baptist school and consequently, never had a prom. In fact the only time I’ve ever worn a formal outfit was my first wedding and I wore my Mother’s wedding dress for that. But that’s not my point. I did go to several dances at a nearby private Catholic boys’ school. Those dances were chaperoned by nuns and priests. Parents weren’t allowed to intrude on the teens evenings. I had friends at public schools. They said their dances and proms had teachers, not parents. I can’t imagine having a parent as a date for a dance. Boys sometimes came without dates but that was to make trouble. If a girl didn’t have a date, not only did she not attend, she had an imaginary engagement that kept her from attending.

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  1. i would have to comment on that by stating that i am a kiwi – a prom is a foreign thing to me and i have no idea at all about the correct dating procedures for a 17 yr old girl (note to self – 9.5 yrs left to find out) except tpo say that at 17 I was desparate and single! Or is that single because i was desparate?
    we had piss ups for end of school parties (are they the same thing) and i wasnt allowed to attend anyway

  2. My question remains the same. Ever heard of a 17-year-old girl who has her Mom for a prom date?

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