The doctors think my grandmother had a mild stomach virus and it gave her an anxiety attack. Several years ago my grandmother had a tiny spot of skin cancer on her nose after a lifetime out in the sun. Ever since then every freckle, age spot and scratch has her demanding a trip to the dermatologist to have it burned off. She has taken to loving her doctor visits and rarely goes a week without needing a trip to one of her many specialists. My mother is her only child. Maybe if she had more children to keep her mind occupied she’d be a teeny bit less self-absorbed. Probably not though.

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  1. hypochondria is the disease of the wealthy. impoverished nations have very little to no instances of hypochondria.
    My father is a GP and reackons 1/3 – to 1/2 of his patients are not physically unwell or were not before they convinced themselves they were sick..

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