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  1. Did Doug take Kelly’s bait to call Denny?? Or is this you and Doug having a great debate??

  2. Hell no! I even parried an attempt by Mom to bring me into it on the phone.

    No debate. The debate. Cathy and I have the same opinion on the subject but it certainly makes a good blog question.

  3. Let’s let Webster explain it…

    Disability: the condition of being disabled (ok… thanks); inabiloty to pursue an occupation because of physical or mental impairment; lack of legal qualification to do something; a disqualification, restriction or disadvantage.

    Handicapped: having a physical or mental DISABILITY that substantially limits activity esp. in relation to employment or education.

    So the answer is yes. The deaf boy is both handicapped and disabled. He does not receive the same learning experience, nor does he enjoy the same employment opportunities as someone with all five senses.

  4. who does the bleeding – men or woman
    i think the other comment is that god gave men a brain and a penis but only enough blood to operate one at a time

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