Pointless trip downtown to pay for the troop’s circus tickets. I’ll have to go back Wednesday or Thursday and pick the tickets up. Grabbed paperwork for Tommy to be a Boy Scout. Still can’t decide on Lone Scout or trying to fit him in a troop but I know which one would be easier on us. Checked out Tommy and had his pointless day described to us. Walked in the door and Amy stripped naked. In a few minutes it will be time to take Tommy to group therapy. I need to do some serious Project Linus work this week. It’s still raining. I would like to crawl back in bed and hide there for a week or two.

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  1. Haha re Amy. We still have this problem with Erin (2yrs). The only way to get her to keep clothes on is put on ones she can’t get off or for it to be cool or to go out (she stays fressed most of the time for this)
    Sounds like a good idea enrolling Tommy in Scouts. I am sure you will enroll him with what you feel is best.

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