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  1. Doug quit being so hard on yourself all the time. You love Cathy and the kids very much. You are a good husband and dad eventhough you don’t always think you are. We all go through personal lows, but in the end we all come out of them better people. Dean and I love you all very much.

    —I did however like the college boy toy thought. 😉

  2. For the longest time, I thought the “zoo project” was just a polite way of referring to the kids and Doug.

  3. what’s going on??
    PS. If there is anything Dean and I can do to help you out with the zoo project, let us know.

  4. Worry- kids and providing for them
    Anxiety- preparing for the zoo event
    Regret- ??? no clue
    Fantasy- hard to stay out of the bedroom on this description…Probably more along the lines of a nice house, boarding school for Tommy, etc.
    Reality- bum of a husband

  5. Worry- money
    Anxiety- lack of money
    Regret- not marrying rich
    Fantasy- young college boy toys that come with being a weathly woman
    Reality- Powerball starts Monday

  6. You can buy your Powerball tickets starting Monday. I fantasize twice a week that I’m going to win the Mega Millions… Tonight is the night…

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