One quickie meeting down with minimal input from “let’s talk about me” person and “i have a complaint” person. Home to switch places with Dad. Now he’s off to a meeting and I’m home with the little people. Given the choice I’d prefer home with the little people over a meeting any day. Have to get everyone fed, bathed and equipped for morning (“will you wear this?”). More blog later.

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  1. Hey! Should I be concerned about these “quickie” meetings? And just how many people were there?! And how many people were giving “input”? And somehow I don’t think I faired as well in the “switch”.

  2. I thought the meeting went rather well considering. I do get tired of “I have a complaint” person’s directives when she doesn’t do anything productive to help.

  3. She was silent in the beginning, but she’s making up for it now. My mantra is “only 3 more weeks and it’s done”.

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