Took our family and several girl scouts to the circus. Except for the cost of the food there we had a great time. Amy loved the first half. She was so overtired that she spent the second half trying to leave. Doug was a little short-tempered at the interruptions to his show and Tommy was too stimulated but otherwise everyone had fun. Sarah had a friend spend the night and they stayed up most of the night. Doug got up at 3 a.m. to give an unhappy baby a sip of juice. He got up again at 8:30 to change a messy diaper and make lots of noise. I got up, finished the diaper and took the baby upstairs so he could go back to bed for an hour and a half. I asked the girls to get up and get dressed. When I finally said we’d be leaving in 15 minutes, sarah’s friend went in the bathroom and ran a bath. Now I can’t do my hair or makeup because that bathroom is occupied. I went downstairs for Amy’s clothes and Doug mumbled and stirred. It’s time to leave for Noah’s soccer game.

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