I just realized yesterday that the ads generated from blogger are playing off keywords in the blogs. It is now my goal to change the type of ads. I will no longer complain about those uninvited visitors in our house because I’d rather a different ad type. I’d rather have Viagra ads than what is there now. I keep forgetting to whine about an ad I saw on tv this week anyway (I know, it seems like whining is all I ever do). The ad is for some medication to treat “unsightly toenails” and the side effects include but are not limited to liver damage, diarrhea, nausea, headaches and dizziness. I think I’d rather have ugly toenails.

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  1. I’ll have to e-mail you the list of side effects from Nexium along with what it actually means … quite entertaining. I especially like how Nexium is supposed to treat esophagitis, yet a side effect is … wait for it … esophagitis!

  2. If your toe nails go brown from wearing nail polish for too long then lightly file them. The colouring is mostly in the top layer of the nail, and the filing will also give you smooth nails. It worked on mine.

  3. Tea tree oil has the most unpleasant smell ever. My toenails have no fungus. I just found the commercial horrible. Toenails or liver, let me think.

  4. Tea Tree oil kills toe fungus and removes the discoloring without the harmful side affects of medication.

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