Doug spent several hours on the phone trying to help his parents fix their computer. It was a fun conversation for eavesdropping. “No, don’t re-install Windows (they did anyway, of course). No, don’t do that please. Wait, wait, wait. You have to get it in safe mode.” They listened to some of what he said and their computer is still not working. Some time last night Doug’s computer overheated and now he can’t get his running. Without his computer we are totally fried over here. My computer is quite old and can’t handle what Doug does when he’s programming (serious multitasking). If I have more than three windows open it locks up completely. We need a miracle over here. Now I go try to find something to wear other than my usual jeans and camisole so we can pretend we look professional at today’s luncheon. Amy is having a naked day so she promises to be entertaining there.

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