The zoo is not set up. I don’t care. The exhibitors are boring. I don’t care. We are going to arrive and help with set-up. Doug will juggle and then we are going to walk the zoo with our family. We are NOT spending the entire day sitting in that tent. We are not staying there past sun-down cleaning up the event. We will go to the wrap-up mtg next week and make suggestions. Nobody will listen. I made the group a yahoo page and tried to get some good conversations going. Nobody cares. Poor, poor Alice is going to be all alone next year because I’m not working with one Ms. Hystrionic-hypochondriac ever again.

Jim offered me my old job with TVC today. I’m still tossing the idea around because we need the money. I liked working for Jim despite his self-destructive behaviors. I didn’t like or respect his supervisors and that is why I hesitate so strongly. Alice suggested I apply for another job. It sounds much more appealing than my old job but again, I just don’t know. I don’t think Alice’s boss is very child-friendly. I will make decisions before Monday morning.

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  1. He is child friendly when it is his own child.

    I think you would have the opportunity to be flexible with what we are offering. You tell us when you are available, and we work with that. Only restrictions would be that you would have to be at a school the entire school day. If you want to work one day a week or once every two weeks, that is possible.

    I am working on ideas to start my own business.

  2. Hey there you go! That idea is actually so off the wall it might work! We could probably get grants for that too!

    I know you mention it in jest, but it probably could work. It could be a psychosocial program.

  3. You guys are really being more negative on this event than it deserves. The event is coming together. There are exhibitors (not as many or the types that we would have liked). There are entertainers. There are numerous customed characters. Provided we save the contact info there is no reason that next year’s event cannot repeat this year and much more.

    The event is here and it is what it became. Let it live now and enjoy whatever it decides to be. Light the fuse and run!

  4. You, Cory, Doug and I. Now what can we do? Dinner theater for the mentally ill?

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