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We own 3 cars. The Jeep was Doug’s car. The neon was my car. The station wagon was given to us by Doug’s parents when Amy was born. My parents gave us an old van and we sold it for cash.
1997 Neon: I bought the neon as a brand new car in 1997. It has a built in child safety seat and seats 5 people. I spent an entire paycheck putting a stereo/cd player and speakers in it. When Amy was born we parked the neon on the driveway and ignored it for a year and a half. It had a leak in the trunk which neglect has turned into a nasty mildew smell. The doors are very squeaky and Doug broke the back taillight when he backed into something. The plates are expired and it is uninsured.
1995 Jeep: Doug recently replaced the starter so it doesn’t have to be push started any more. It has no radio whatsoever. The plastic roof and doors are duct-taped in one place and the zippers don’t work anymore. The noise inside the vehicle makes a conversation nearly impossible. The heat and air are not very helpful in the less-than-air tight vehicle with manual transmission. It seats 4, sounds like a train and rides like a truck.
Station wagon: The station wagon is the only that we all fit into. It also has the most problems. It has a broken tail-light from Doug backing into something. The transmission is going out. The U-joints need replacing. It needs new brake pads. The motor on the automatic windows works intermittently on the middle windows. It came to us with the speakers half blown from someone who must have hearing damage listening to marching band cassettes (no cd player stereos compatable with this car) at full volume to pick out the tuba. It now has two completely blown speakers. Although it was immaculately clean when we received it, the foam in the seats and armrests has dry-rotted and it crackles when you move.

More car stuff. Our county’s new mayor just raised the wheel tax from $6. to $36. and insurance on 3 vehicles is very intimidating. None of the cars are in my name at all. It was made very clear when we were given the wagon that it was only to be put in Doug’s name. The neon is in my ex-husband’s name until we find the title which he signed over to me. That is somewhere on Doug’s desk and you’ve seen the desk pictures. The house isn’t in my name either. In fact it still has Doug’s ex’s name on it and although she signed a quit claim deed I am positive that if something happened to Doug she would file papers to have us evicted while we fought over the house in court. But that isn’t important right now. We have more car than we can afford and we need to cut back.

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  1. Argh! The kids love the Jeep!

    I saw one the other day. The day was in the driver’s seat. The mother in the backseat. And the baby in the car seat in the front passenger seat. The kicker? The doors were removed!

  2. I voted before I read the description. Can I vote again? I think you should get rid of all three and start over.

  3. Saw another also with the top down that had 2 car seats in the back seat.

    As much as I love the Jeep, I really don’t approve in either case. It’s fine for the older kids but the younger ones need the top up and the doors on and even then I only advocate it when no other vehicle is available.

  4. Stop taking everything as a personal attack. I am just describing things from my perspective.

  5. The title is on your desk. I handed it to you with the paperwork that I got from the City County building in December and I never saw the title again.

  6. trade them all in on a people mover and fix dougs motorbike!
    solves all your problems in one go (well some of them anyway…)

  7. You make me sound like a horrible driver.

    I backed into your parents trash can in the Neon as it was in my blind spot. I backed into the loaner car because we were late and I was trying to get out of the parking spot quickly. No damage to the loaner. Both low velocity mistakes that broke plastic.

    The “broken taillight” in the station wagon is a hair line crack and the light works.

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