Last night Doug and I sat in bed happily munching on roasted peanuts. This morning during the two hours it took to empty my stomach of them I kept hearing “found a peanut” in my head. Apparently I’m even stranger than usual when in the bathroom feeling like death because I then switched to “Seasons in the Sun” for my musical distraction. Having cleared out my stomach of everything, including the lining, I then spent the rest of the day drifting in and out of consciousness on the couch. When Amy napped Doug and I both stretched out on our bed in the cool basement. When I was in a sweat it felt good to be there but during the shaking chills I wished for a heating pad. Every time Doug moved I thought evil thoughts but luckily I was incapable of doing anything but drifting back to sleep. Now that I’ve actually kept some sips of Sprite down I feel a bit better. Like I’ve slept too much in fact. But only as long as I don’t move. My body aches and although a beth helped (until Amy crawled in and the boys came in tattling because Tommy ‘tricked’ Noah into ‘saying a bad word’) I still feel like every muscle in my body is broken. My mother took pity on us and the three youngest are sleeping at her house tonight. Tomorrow has GOT to be better.

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