The movie started with previews that looked like they were the best parts of the movie and a very funny ‘turn off your cell phone’ bit. OK, don’t go see Shrek 2 if you expect a new ‘moral’ ala Toy Story 2. The end is the same and there are no surprises but it doesn’t matter. The jokes are funny and the animation is first rate. Go see it and then buy it on DVD next year. Of course the best jokes flew over the kids’ heads and I did have to explain to Sarah what “lust” means but I still think it’s child-friendly while adult worthy.

Oh, Sarah’s nails are a very pretty shade of pink! They look sweet and just right for an almost 11-year-old girl. Tonight the girls are at Mom’s and I get (gasp) the house to myself so everyone who voted for that in last week’s poll can be happy. You can also pick Doug’s next lottery numbers because I can’t believe I’m alone for the first time in umm, years? I should spend my time cleaning but I want to lie in bed and watch cheesy chick-flicks. Ice cream binging is out because I still can’t eat more than a cracker or two without feeling green but I could live off the fat of the land for quite some time. Let’s just call this a diet and hope for some weight loss.

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  1. I didn’t get to see any of the zoo pictures. Who do I have to pester to get some?

  2. That was our vote! Good job… As for lottery numbers, Doug’s and your birth day and month and anniversary month and the day as the powerball. If it pays, I get 3 percent (agent take).

  3. Weight loss for you??! Did you see that picture of me sitting next to you at the zoo? I am HUGE! This is not just pregnancy weight either. I’m going to have to lose some serious weight after these babies are born just so that I can keep up with them. My arms are huge!!

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