I still owe you a review from my most recently read book and I’m really tired but I’ll try to give it the credit it deserves. It is a non-fiction book with several mini autobiographies of teens who have Asperger’s. One of the teens is a published author who is a bit of a celebrity. When I read this teen’s book I wondered how much of the book was his mother’s editorial input and how much was his. His interview was very insightful. Reading the interviews is very interesting and I even let Tommy read the book. I’ve already written that Tommy’s response to the book was “None of them are EXACTLY like me.” That is one of the two things I got from the book. There is no such thing as “typical Aspie”. The other thing I got was the question about the difference between Asperger’s as a diagnosis vs. a personality type. Here is my personal input on that one. If none of your major life areas are affected then it is a personality. When you have significant impact on your ability to function at home, school or work then it becomes a diagnosis. I like the book and highly recommend it. In fact, I have just promised it to someone who I trust will actually return it.

Right now I’m still too deep in Speed of Dark to give a review. I do wonder how someone without a family member would have written the story differently. Other than not knowing the characters of course.
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