The new chores lists are done and posted. The boys read them, shrugged and went back to their GameBoys. I have finished their reading logs and prepared their summer “school” boxes. I need two workbooks for Tommy’s and then all is done. Basically each of them has a plastic container with workbooks, reading logs, etc. and I bribe them to do the work. If they work they get money in their checkbooks which can be used at “Mom’s Store”. The store is fairly well-stocked right now, they just aren’t motivated. I need to add a lit of “outings” they can buy with checkbook money but I’m tired of this activity right now and need to focus on cleaning again.

Still no e-mail.

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  1. My mom is going to use a similar idea with my brother. She is going to pay him to write book reports so that he will read more. Then she is going to start him on Dave Ramsey’s envelope system so that he can learn how to manage a personal budget. I wish I had learned money management skills that early in life.

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