Still no e-mail. Doug still walking around with a scowl and a growl but I’m not allowed to say he’s in a bad mood. He finally bought the supplies to plant out front but every time I say something other than what he had in his ‘vision’ he looks like a deer in headlights, then says “whatever you say”. It makes me afraid to say anything to him at all if it upsets him so much to have his plans and ideas questioned. Noah is begging to have friends over here. It looks and feels like rain outside so they’d end up stuck inside the house. If Doug was happy it’d be ok but when Doug is whatever-he-is-but-not grumpy I just think the noise would set him off. I’m going to wash another load of dishes and meditate on the nothingness of doing it. Oh, the icing on the cake is that my self-absorbed, liar of an ex will be here Friday with his nasal-shrill Boston girlfriend and her two smart-mouthed teenage daughters. It will take the children weeks to recover from the visit.

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