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  1. I don’t have the patience to read all of that article. However, I will say this about Gore: I think he is shifting his politics more to the left because he has nothing to lose. He has basically become irrelevant to the Democratic party so I guess he thinks he can say what he wants.

  2. interesting comment
    from this side of the pacific it appears that bush is struggling to push s**t uphill with a rake. his war effort is going from bad to worse (media wise anyway – thought probably not in reality) and his partners keep dropping doggie doodoo allover him.
    i personally support the war intention, if not the method of gaining approval in the first place. i dont see why we needed an excuse, the evidence is there plain for anyone to see, mass graves dont happen by accident
    anyway i think kerry will give him a run for his money, not because kerry’s any good just because bush is almost as crap
    ridiculous political system where two favoured sons can slug it out to the tune of big bucks and at the end of the day they are almost identical!

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