Dropped the camera off for Alice. FC is an interesting place. Most of the teens there are wards of the state and have lived their entire life being shuttled from group home to group home. With no family, they often end up making their own families very early in their lives. Imagine having no family. No place to go on holidays. No one to comfort and encourage you through life’s bumps. Add to that becoming a teen parent. I know full grown adult women who call their family desperate for answers to teething, colic and parenthood in general. Can you imagine still being a child yourself and then having to care for an infant without anyone to call for advice. What happens when they are sick? Many of these teens are so institutionalized that they don’t know how to form healthy relationships with others. There is a lot of Reactive Attachment Disorder diagnosis in this group. So, today Alice has the task of teaching the teens about respect. That’s quite an assignment. Good luck Alice.

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  1. Just like all of us, they know what respect is, it is just often hard to put it into practice.
    Your ideas helped a lot. They really enjoyed painting their nails and massaging one another’s hands with smelly lotion. It was fun!

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