Doug published his goals for the week so I guess I should follow his lead. This week I will: clean the children’s rooms several times a day; pick up and put away the same toys over and over; wash, dry, fold and put away laundry daily; change diapers and wipe noses; load and unload the dishwasher daily; drive the children to and from VBS; be too tired for foreplay. In the quiet moments I’ll start over on my webpage and just use HTML.

Last night I figured out that the last time I was out of town was New Year’s to the in-laws (more stress than relaxation) and the previous fall to my grandmother’s funeral (dad’s mom). In fact the last time I did anything resembling a vacation was almost three years ago and that was a business trip (with some Amy-making fun mixed in). Before that we took a real vacation in 2000. I would love a weekend out of town.

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