We took the children to a nearby playground and came home with an extra child (Noah’s friend was there and they decided to have a sleepover). The day was hot and sticky by the time we got there and the previous day’s rain had left puddles under the swings. Amy spent most of her time on the slide (her favorite). Sarah followed Amy around for a while before allowing herself play time. Sometimes Sarah is too mature. Tommy spent most of his time on the swings (his favorite). When Tommy was little he could spend hours on a tire swing. He’d swing himself dizzy over and over again and be quite happy if I let him swing until he was done without making him quit. Noah paired off with his friend to climb monkey bars and kick the soccer ball. Overall, a good outing with (gasp) no boo-boos! Noah’s friend slept over and they watched “Goonies” several times. Pointing out that the lead character grew up to play Sam-Wise earned me wide, stunned eyes. It rained all night and the yard is too muddy for outside play right now. The weather-bug says we have a 100% chance of more rain (and spot-flooding). Usually I like hearing and watching the rain but it’s going to make the boys stir-crazy since Noah’s friend will be spending the day with us while his parents work. Might need to take the crowd to do something.

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  1. I know that sensory integration therapy recommends playing on tires and swings, especially winding up the swing or tyre and then letting it go. I have no idea why but my son finds it very relaxing and calming.

  2. Ohh, I love the goonies. That is a fun movie. My girls haven’t been introduced to it yet as I haven’t seen it on TV for ages.

  3. wow I didn’t know that about the Goonies guy! I will have to have a look. i don’t think my kids have seen it yet either!

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