Another behavior management tool was in my e-mail today. I still like the checking acount system I have set-up. I just can’t find a motivator for my children. I’m seriously considering the amount they have earned/lost at the end of the week being transferred to cash. I think that real money might motivate them better than the perks they can buy have so far. In fact I think I WILL try paying cash at the end of the week for a few weeks to see what happens.

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  1. I just have to say it didn’t work for mine. They didn’t care. I had it all set up that if they did certain things they earned set amounts. They didn’t care.

  2. This is a win/lose system for the things I expect them to do. IF you clean your room (brush your teeth, etc.) before bed I add a quarter but if you DON’T then I subtract a quarter. Because they’ve ignored it so far, when I call family meeting to pay them Sunday afternoon, they are going to have to give me money from their banks unless they start taking it more seriously.

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