Tommy rode really well except whenever he saw us and then he looked like a beauty contestant in a parade which annoyed his teacher. “Tommy, put your hands back on the reins and focus.” Amy started off trying to catch the horse flies (“Bug!”) but Noah showed her how to swat and that consumed her attention for a good 20 minutes. After that she took to rock throwing and screaming for no reason (except to upset the horse in the pasture). Sarah looked bored and occasionally mothered Amy. “Aaaaamyyy, come sit and read the nice book.” Noah spent the entire time swatting at flies except for the constant questioning “How much longer?” Afterward the kids ate at the mall food court with Doug while I picked up something to hide in Sarah’s suitcase for her birthday that happens while she’s away at camp next week. Proffitts has the purse I want but I can’t afford anything for myself right now. The children are going to need new shoes before school starts. Now I check blogs before collapsing in bed. Tomorrow I am going to gripe up a storm about cars again.

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