My Car Whine Again(part 2 of 3)
The Dodge Neon was bought as a brand new car when Noah was a baby. Although it was bought for me with a built-in carseat for Noah, it was put in my ex’s name because “I pay the bills.” When we separated it was the car I drove away filled with children and dog. I loved that car because I picked it out and it really felt like mine. Despite being a tiny, inexpensive car it ran like a trooper with very few problems. When I went back to work during the divorce, I put my entire first paycheck into a car stereo because my job involved a LOT of travel. The stereo was bought with further accessory purchases (XFM & multidisc changer) in mind. After Amy was born we suddenly no longer all fit in one car. We joked about the girls always travelling in the car and the boys travelling in the Jeep. I was fine with that arrangement. The two problems with the car were that it was in my ex’s name and it had a trunk leak that we couldn’t figure out. Then, my parents gave us a ratty black van so that we could all travel together when needed. It was rarely used and for good reason since it had major problems. We sold it for cash and paid a bill with it. Then Doug’s parents gave us the wagon and for a while I was driving the children in the wagon and riding in the neon when I was alone. Doug went on and on about how great the wagon was. I suggested repeatedly that Doug use the neon instead of the Jeep so he would have air conditioning and look crisp when he was working. Somehow Doug only used the neon a few times before breaking out the back tail light and parking it on the driveway (until he could get the light fixed) and letting the tags expire and removing it from insurance at some point. If we had just renewed the tags we wouldn’t have had a problem but renewing meant we needed to get it put in our name and suddenly the title was missing and getting a new one was just not important compared to the other things that needed to get done around here. So, the neon has sat unused for two years now. Any problems it has are due to sitting neglected. Instead of a birthday gift me parents gave us a check and asked that we get plates on the car so that we could have a reliable method of transportation. I asked about getting it done every single day for a month and then I gave up. The money went to pay bills so that we could keep our utilities running. Doug and I have had MANY heated arguments about the cars and during one he screamed at me that he has always hated the neon. Why? It never caused any problems until we outgrew it. I already know that Karmic balance will cause all three of the cars to become completely unusable and then we will be getting what we deserve for fighting and being ungrateful. I really, really do hate fighting with Doug. I love him very much and things are not worth getting upset about. He hates the neon so as soon as it gets scrubbed clean he can sell it to help pay bills.

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