My Car Whine Again(part 3 of 3)
This is the shortest and last car post. Everyone celebrate (or wake up from the slumber I’ve caused). When I met Doug he was driving a Jeep. During dating he explained that he had a truck forever and when it finally died of old age and exhaustion his then wife talked him into getting a Jeep because she thought it would be cool. At some point she stopped thinking it was cool but I don’t know the details of that story. Ask Doug. Anyway, despite the million miles on it, the Jeep runs great but is looking pretty “rode hard, put up wet”. Duct tape on the back window of the canvas roof which has broken zippers around the doors so you either open the door and get out at the ATM or you drive around with no windows. It has heat and air but they aren’t very helpful with a canvas roof. No radio, stick shift and a motor that I can hear three blocks away. Yes, it is useful for hauling the trailer full of stuff around. But honestly, except for one load of manure it has only been used for the past 6 months to run my parents’ errands. I have nothing against the Jeep. It isn’t comfortable to travel in and it’s impossible to talk to anyone else in it because of the noise but Doug loves it. It suits Doug’s personality too. You’ve heard of the “Marlboro Man”? Well, Doug IS the “Jeep Man”. Besides, when I did the car poll everybody voted that we keep the Jeep. End of car whines.

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  1. I think the reason why everyone voted to keep the jeep was because it finally was fixed and running.

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