I missed blogging yesterday. Oops! We had a nice meal with my parents except for Tommy screaming at me because he was finished eating and wanted to go swimming “right now” and Amy refusing to sit in her high chair. After food we spent the entire rest of the daylight hours at my parents’ pool. All of the children interacted with other children at the pool. Tommy needed some guidance on the rules of throwing and catching (“The idea is NOT to hit him in the face.”) but I was thrilled to see other children play with him. When it was time to leave Tommy screamed at me because his glasses weren’t exactly where he had put them down. How much of his anger is adolescent hormones? Wouldn’t it be nice if we could get a simple blood test to know what’s out of balance in our system. “You need more rest and little less progesterone. I prescribe a weekend at a fancy hotel with room service and wearing nothing but a bathrobe and slippers.” I have a nice sunburn and will resemble a molting snake in the next few days. “What are these big chunks of skin on the sheets?” We got home and I spent the rest of the evening packing and getting ready for Sarah to go to camp. I spent too many hours in the night and this morning suffering from serious stress and anxiety stomach.

Sarah has now left to spend the week at camp. It was not controlled and organized like last year. I stood in pouring rain trying to get Sarah signed in while the person in charge of her group sat calmly on the bus forcing parents to stand in the rain for 20 minutes while kids shoved in front of us and blocked the bus entrance. It was chaos. The woman in charge was nowhere to be seen. Kids were digging through the luggage compartments under the bus because they “forgot” something and in
their hunt they were chunking other people’s luggage in puddles. I understand the chaperones wanting to stay dry but they could have sat in the lobby and had calm, dry lines. Plus we didn’t have some “card” with her bus number so we had to repeat the stand in line process at each bus. Doug had locked the front door to the house so we couldn’t stay to see the buses leave or we would have had a hysterical Tommy out front. Amy will be very unhappy not to have her favorite roommate at bedtime. I will worry about Sarah’s safety but the boys will just be thrilled to have one less person competing for control of the television remote. Tonight is support group and without a babysitter I have no idea how we’ll manage. I also haven’t gotten any snacks for the group. It’s hard to prepare when you don’t know if you’ll have 2 or 20 people. Now I have to clean the house and figure out snacks and logistics for tonight when all I want to do is go back to bed. I feel terrible today. Doug is completely stressed and gets angry at every little thing that doesn’t go exactly as he wanted it to go.

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