Sarah gets home from camp today. It has rained on her every day so I am anticipating mud and mildew. The boys are unimpressed by her pending return. “Do we have to go with?” Can you feel the love? My life is no Disney movie. Of course, if my life were a Disney movie I would be dead and my family would be having madcap adventures without me.

We have only one working bathtub in this house (no shower) for six people and sometimes I sit around for hours waiting my turn to bathe. Noah bathed quickly this morning so he could return to his oh-so important GameBoy game. Tommy is camped out in the bath. He nestles in and soaks for hours in some sort of “womb re-enactment”. Maybe he needs to go through one of those “rebirthing ceremonies“. I know I’m not next in line for a bath because Doug keeps knocking frantically on Tommy’s door. “Have you used the soap yet?”

Amy is practicing her jumps in the middle of the living room floor (hardwoods!). Nothing looks funnier than a two-year-old trying to get bothe feet off the ground and shouting “Bounce!” She gets so excited when we go someplace with carpeting. She immediately drops to the ground and does multiple sumersaults like the carpeting is the most magical surface in the world.

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  1. maybe you could just get a cheap remnant of carpet.

    and turn the hot water off on tommy…it’s nice when you have shower and can flush the toilet and sting’em with the hot water. Yes, my mother did that to get me out of the shower when I was a teenager.

  2. We had one bathroom for 5 people in my house growing up. My brother would come in to use the bathroom and I would remind him to not flush. he would “accidentally” do it anyway.

  3. Your house sounds like so much fun! Just like mine! Only we have more bathrooms, but the four girls share one and are constantly fighting over it!

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