Friday Night Updates – Sarah is home and every piece of clothing she had with her came home soaking wet. Load one of four for the evening is in the washer now. Sarah was home for about 3 hours before asking to spend the night at a friend’s. The two boys are making a second attempt at sleeping in the tent. Last night they made it until 10 p.m. before they both wanted back in the house. They have moved the tent from the backyard into the frontyard and are re-stocking it with flashlights, blankets, pillows and GameBoys. I give them until about 10 p.m. before they are back inside the house. Amy was too excited about Sarah’s returning home to take her regular nap and got down several hours later than usual. I anticipate a late bedtime for her. The rain continues and the roads all over town are flooded. Parking lots are collapsing and the roads are having sinkhole problems. I like sleeping to the sound of rain, but we could use a little bit of sunshine over here. I’m still waiting for my brother to come through with those concert tickets.

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