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  1. At this point it’s not about the what ninny the dems choose, it’s about getting the shrub and his family out of government.

  2. I may not get you tickets (30 bucks each after fees, etc… for lawn), but I’ll give you free lodging the night before and after… and we feed our guests.

  3. I would be much more entertaining if I had some Chicago/Earth, Wind & Fire tickets my republican little brother.

  4. I’ll pass on that film… and I don’t think Republican is a title I’ll accept. I’m for the legalization of all drugs, for the death penalty for harming others while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, against the land wars in Asia, and think our prez is a lying, self-serving, drug/alcohol addicted fool. I don’t want to see the film because life is enough of a bitch without wallowing in the misery of others and their mind games. Question: Do you really think Kerry will make a good president?

  5. Instead of you and Danny obsessing political, how about trying the URL linked and just look at what people are posting in their blogs? It’s much more entertaining. Beware: this is pulling everything people post…


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