For my Monday Walkabout, I’m adding to my list of blogs that I follow:
Hula Doula – another smart and very funny mom blog,
Diaperville – a mommy blog, again,
This Full House – still on my mommy theme,
Gin and Tacos – a good political blog to get out of my mommy rut,
TV is my drug of choice – couldn’t resist the title and I had trouble picking a final blog with my brain mush today but I finally decided on a tie between,
The Presurfer which I can’t describe yet and
Unusual Churches and Cults – whose title is self-explanatory.

At some point I’ll need to take away a few that I don’t read very often but right now I’m just adding stuff. I wish there was an easier way to search blogs, some sort of “blog only” search engine.

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