Accidently watched part of a stupid show about teenage quints. The show doesn’t even deserve mention and I would have clicked immediately off if I hadn’t been so busy drooling over their house. They had a restaurant sized refrigerator in the kitchen. Can you imagine not needing to go buy milk every other day because you had space to store a week’s worth? That’s not even the best part. In their basement, beside the HUGE laundry chute there were two commercial sized washers and dryers. Can you hear the choir singing? That’s double capacity times two! I feel myself getting excited just thinking about it. Other couples have foreplay that involves touching. Doug just whispers appliance descriptions in my ear and I pounce him.

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    hmmm – i see what you mean – makes me horny too!
    i need to SHOP!

  2. And I thought I was the only one! My aunt used to live in a house with a HUGE laundry room. Three washers and dryers, a laundry chute that spilled clothes into a giant bin and a ping pong table in the middle. I always wondered why anyone would need something like that… now, I know!

  3. doug i shall put my internet camera next to the new power drill i bought and then you will have an excited cathy.
    sounds like angie is an internet voyeur!

  4. Hmm.. You two aren’t allowed to use the web cameras anymore. Unless this works into my favor somehow of course…

  5. I had thought about watching that show. So it is pretty stupid, huh? i wonder if someone would want to tape a show about my life. hmmm.. probably not.

  6. We’re Internet swingers. It’s your fault for sending him the naked pictures of me.

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