If we convert to Catholic can our children attend private school for free? More importantly, can Sarah go to an all-girls school? Yesterday I couldn’t get on the computer because she was “busy” IMing her friend. Her friend is only 6 months older than her but has completely developed what Sarah spends hours in the mirror seeking. When the two of them aren’t on the phone or the computer, they are “hanging out” with the cute (“I like his shiny hair mom.”)14-year-old brother of one of Noah’s friends. Now the 8-year-old friend has started bringing his big brother over here. There’s something about a teenage boy sitting on Sarah’s bed chatting with her that bothers me. The door is open and I am trying to act completely casual about it (since I DON’T want to do like my parents would have done) but it just seems to early for this pre-dating stuff. So, I’m thinking a convent sounds pretty good right now.

Amy fell out of bed last night and has a really huge puffy, purple shiner. I could put eye shadow on her other lid and she can be the “Goth toddler”. The boys slept in the tent last night and Tommy is STILL out there. I guess hiding in a tent is as close to being left alone as a teenage boy can get. A treehouse would be sturdier if we could just find someone tearing down a building that would let us pick through their construction debris for supplies.

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