I’m collecting treasures for Project Blog, but I’d be even more inspired to search out surprises if I had more sponsors. There will be at least 48 blog entries during that 24 hour timespan. It’s not going to be as entertaining as anything with Tobey Maguire does but it’ll be more interesting than “Dude, where’s my car?” and tickets to that were more than $5 each not including popcorn. So, I should be worth at least $5 per reader. The money will not go to me, it’ll go directly to The Autism Society. I didn’t get any nibbles on the sponsor amount needed to earn an old picture of me in my birthday suit, so I’ll promise this: I will be making several audioblogs in my deep, slightly Southern accent, I will be posting pictures from different locations in Knoxville, I will have some jokes, good cartoons and some stats about mental health. Additionally, I will answer any questions posted in my comments within one hour of their posting. Any takers?

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  1. I hope I got my url correct. I didn’t think the paltry amount I could offer would be good enough. I will give 10.00 for your cause. Just contact me to tell me how to get it to the correct place. I have a very close child to my heart with Asbergers syndrome, prob. not sp right. He was hard to understand before the diagnosis came. It is sad for him to not have friends and I have always pushed my son to be there for him. He has to the best of his abilities. I am so proud of him for that.

  2. Your sponsorship is perfect. A ticket for you and a guest to watch, I mean read and hear the show. Thank you!

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