Less than two weeks before Project Blog and I’d really like to double my sponsors before then. Today is a typical Monday. I left the house with Tommy still asleep in his bed. Dropped Noah off at the zoo for day camp (which he has every day this week). His teacher is Bob Grimac again and I am thrilled. The whole drive there Noah practiced his fake burps and Amy imitated him. Less than charming. I picked up sarah from my parents’ and Sarah and Amy practiced clapping along with the music on the radio. Very cute. Went to the bank and then to Home Depot to collect a pile of paint samples for Noah’s room makeover. Came home to find Tommy watching Futurama DVDs in his jammies. Now I load everyone up and take Tommy to his psychiatrist. I am going to ask that we change his antidepressant. I am hoping that a change will get him interested in doing things again. After Tommy’s appointment I go pick Noah up from the zoo and try to get some dishes and laundry done. Just the usual Monday.

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