I took the girls in case Doug needed to run errands and we picked Noah up from zoo camp without getting lost(gasp!). From there we created chaos in the grocery store. Amy was way past naptime and refused to ride in the cart. Noah kept chasing her which would only incite her to run. When I did get her settled in underneath the cart(no lectures please). Noah found a large ball and proceeded to play basketball in the store aisles. Sarah pushed the cart and complained the entire entire time. “Why can’t I have fill-in-the-blank?” At the checkout, the bagger dropped our 2 1/2 dozen eggs carton and we had to stand up front for 10 minutes while he found a new carton.

Now Amy is in her crib and if she doesn’t nap she’ll be a bear and fall asleep at dinner(then get up later to play) and if she does she’ll want to stay up past her bedtime. Doug is getting ready to drive 3+ hours each way to do what he says will be an hour’s work. I don’t expect him back until tomorrow. Morning school bus and carpool falls on me tomorrow. Tommy is talking a mile a minute. No breaths between words, just constant talking. “MomcanIhavesomestrawberrymilk?Andwhatsfordinner?Ineedanewpencilsharpener.OK?CanIuseyourcomputer?When?Whynotnow?” Argh! I need some quiet time alone with my husband and I need it soon.

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