Today I had to compete for computer time with all four children. Amy shoved books (Frank Asch is her current favorite) at me and said “Read Mama Read!” Noah played at Bionicle.com and kept insisting that something had popped up on the screen saying he had won something if I would only let him click to enter. Sarah divided her time between Dollz Mania(hoochie mama colorforms) which I think is a pathetic site and seventeen.com even though she is only 11 and lied about her age to enter all the contests on the site(one of many reasons I don’t trust her on the Internet). Tommy spends his time reading about D&D or laughing at Order of the Stick cartoons. Oh, how I wish I had a wireless laptop so I could work at doctor’s offices, soccer games, school meetings, etc.

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  1. Here’s the link Sarah (11) was begging for more time to finish filling out. She quickly closed the window when I looked over her shoulder.

    “Did you ever see or meet someone who could have been your soulmate, but missed the opportunity to connect with them because you were too shy to make a move? … Tell us who they are–or if you don’t know them, what they looked like, what they were wearing, what you were wearing that day, and about when you saw them (and this is important) why they were so interesting and special to you!”

    Info requested: First and Last Name, E-mail, Phone number, City, State, Country, Date of Birth, and story.

  2. Oh god…does she know about the freaks that hang out looking for things like this on the internet?

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