From South Knox Bubba comes some glimpses of our distinguished president and his fine upstanding daughter.  I understand that public figures are real people and not emotionless androids (even if they act cold toward everyone but themselves) BUT if your income and image depend on public perception of you, USE SOME GOOD JUDGEMENT!  I still can’t understand how the Secret Service and CIA can’t arrange for presidential children to do their underage drinking someplace where there are no tabloid reporters.  I also don’t believe any tabloid reporter couldn’t be bought.  I have no sympathy for celebrities who are too stupid to wander the streets and neighbors’ yards while carrying and/or using narcotics.  They can afford to buy a place to do whatever their money allows.  If they are too stupid to think for themselves (which they obviously are) they should pay their bodyguards and PR people to think for them.  Celebrities aside, presidents making obscene gestures and vice-presidents cursing in the Senate are just embarrasing and tacky, especially from the President who claims to be God’s messenger.  Yuck.

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