This morning I woke up when Doug’s phone alarm went off at 4 a.m.  He went back to bed and I asked that he not do that ever again.  He is frustrated and upset that I’m hindering his efforts because if he sets the alarm often and early enough eventually he’ll get up.  When he did get up he turned the light on full blast even though it has a dimmer switch.  Then he walked around talking loudly.  He did my morning chore and bathed the dogs for me.  Molly screamed so loudly I thought she was in terrible pain.  Doug left to do some networking and I talked Tommy through his morning routine.  A quick bath for me and then some laundry.  Don’t leave yet, it gets better.
     Doug came home as Sarah and I left to take Molly to Tommy’s school.  We let Molly visit with Tommy’s classmates.  Only one boy was at Tommy’s level of functioning.  The others were much more dependent.  After an hour Tommy left with us and we made a quick stop at the pet store to pick something up that might cure Molly’s coprophagia.  In the pet store a man identified Molly’s breeder because “nobody else around here breeds huge solid black shepherds”. 
     At home I took turns with the children using the computer and did some cleaning.  Noah had #1 nosebleed.  I have everything we need for the zoo sleepover. I ran to Target for weekend supplies.  I have Starbucks cold mochas, coke, red licorice, caramels and fudge pops to keep myself awake on Saturday night.  All Sarah needs for camp next week is some bug spray and postage stamps.
     On the way to Tommy’s horseback riding lesson, Noah got #2 nosebleed.  Afterward Doug took him to a playground and then to Dairy Queen.  When they got home Noah had nosebleed #3.  He is in the bath now.  I predict more nosebleeds in the night and a visit to the pediatrician tomorrow.  Amy is tired and cranky.  Dad is angry and annoyed.  Mom is tense and aggravated.  Tomorrow we spend the night inside the zoo. 

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  1. Brittany used to get nosebleeds all the time. We had to get her nose cauterized three times before they stopped. She is doing much better now

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